Our Work

Some of our best work

2D Animation

Traditional animation is known to be more memorable to the message conveyed, this is our focus to continue to provide the best work with more than 5 years of experience working on anime.


A 2D animation with the life of the middle east community background. This project is a collaboration between LikeMinds Animation Studio and Kenaris Studio.

Client: Kenaris                                      

Scope of work: All production

Tennen Chan

The daily story of an innocent cat named Tennen chan, at home, at the market, and at school. This 2D animation is limited to the Japanese market only.

Client: confidential

Scope of work: Storyboard, Key, InBetween, Coloring, Compositing (incl. VFX), BGM +SFX & Character Dubbing.

Other Work

Audio Production
Motion Graphic / Comic
Intellectual Property (IP)