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Social Media content and management


Social Media Management

We can help you to build precise strategies, implement & report to reach your objectives with engaging content and get an eyeball through visual content.

Articles & SEO

Make your website more visible through keyword research & optimization, creating content and build backlink

Digital Paid Media

Optimize your campaign to maximum result & ROI


Posh (wings group) has 3 types of products (Posh Men, Posh Girl, and Deodorant). They want to engage the younger audience more through Instagram as well as spread brand awareness and explain products functionally to their audience.


Sweetlet product from Darya Varia with a target market for middle and high school students. Through social media, we want to create content that is relevant to the target audience and insert the use of products through various activities carried out on Instagramthrough content adapted from the daily activities of the target audience.




A 2D animation with the life of the middle east community background. This project is a collaboration between LikeMinds Animation Studio and Kenaris Studio.


Scope of work: 

Digifest 2019

As one of the largest automotive brands in Indonesia, Toyota wants to provide support to athletes who competed in the 2018 Asian Games which was held in Indonesia, by creating an anthem with YouTubers that was sung on the GIIAS 2019 stage.

Client:  Toyota

Scope of work: Storyline & Idea 


a web series with the title I Cee You (the word “(Vi)Cee” is a subliminal message that we inject for audience to easily remember VICEE product

Client:  ViCee

Scope of work: Storyline & Idea


Other Work

Audio Production
Motion Graphic / Comic
Intellectual Property (IP)